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— A spiritual teaching or leader, finding the guru or the teacher within —






Failing or outdated systems or beliefs, crumbling hierarchies or institutions, finding faith in yourself, taking care not to give your power away to something shiny, a spiritual journey


It’s time to follow your own set of guiding principles and to create a life based on what you believe


Institutionalized kindness


She has journeyed so far to be here, in this place, with this Muse, a statuesque look at perfection, and light. She thinks of all of the miles she has walked. And all of the people who have come here, before her. And when she finally arrives at the foot of this oracle, she hopes that this devotional Muse will see her, and gift her some slice of wisdom, or a small miracle in gratitude for her proven faith. But as she approaches she notices that her guru’s eyes are locked above on the heavens. The Muse is in a trance, focused on love and on the divine above her. She notices not those travellers at the base of her likeness. This space is simply the embodiment of the liminal to her, because she lives her faith with such fervor that she seems to be locked in a state of worship, like a photograph. The tiny traveller, somewhat disappointed that she wasn’t noticed, starts a small fire to warm her soul and begins to craft her devotional lantern as most do when they are here in this sacred space. As she works, her heart warms. Her love grows. And she hears a loving voice in her head spark to life, “Sweet travelling soul. Thank you for visiting me. I ask you to look at the form in front of you. This statue. Are you worshipping me for the way I look? Or are you worshipping me for the way I act? Or do we worship the same? Aren’t we the same, you and I? Aren’t our actions of the past only figments of memory today, as we sit here together, as equals, in the present?” Staring into the fire, the weary journeyer pauses in reflection. Indeed, she realizes that she has been worshipping both the earthly and the spiritual. The muse winks and whispers, “Therein lies the secret, beautiful heart. I see you. I see your love. It is now time for you to lead yourself in service.”

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.” – Leonardo da Vinci


There is a door that will lead right into this Sacred Muse’s heart and mind. She is a spiritual teacher with great wisdom for the next steps on your journey. Enter the door, and find out what message she has for you.


• With every candle that is lit in reverence to the Muse, there is a prayer or a mantra sent up to the heavens. Write out a prayer and send it away in a candle flame. You can burn it and watch the smoke drift up, or you can simply watch the prayer dance in the flame as you recite it out loud.

• What do you place on a pedestal? Ideas? Ethics? Bodies? Styles? Minds? Beliefs? Create a pedestal and rank your things. (You can sketch it or create it in real life with items that represent the things you tend to place value on.) Be honest about what you are attracted to in others, in teachers and in mentors. Take some times to check in and see if you’d like to re-arrange the things you find important, shiny and like-able.

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