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About Pauline Fazzioli

Pauline worked for MTV, in production and management roles, for almost ten years. Later she was a tv presenter, radio presenter and marketing officer for the Aero Club Como Seaplane School. 

The encounter with Celtic harp, in her twenties, was a game changer: she played in Fabius Constable’s Celtic Harp Orchestra for 15 years, and participated in hundreds of concerts, in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and in Japan and China.

A desire to use notes and the peculiar vibration of harp strings as a form of empathic communication, eventually led her to study harp-therapy at  “Arpamagica Music Therapy Research Center” (Milan).

Currently, with Harp and Cards, Pauline combines meditative music sessions, with intuitive card reading. The core of this project is to offer a direct experience of the archetypes and  wisdom embedded in the Tarot cards, through music, emotion and intuition. A reading with H&C aims to provide, beyond words, an empathic, intuitive soundtrack for the Hero’s Journey.

Pauline Fazzioli

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